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Why are we Liverpool FC fans?

Why are you one of them?

Why gnaget1891 is a Liverpool FC fan?

Been a fan since K.Keegan played in pool. Coming to Anfield 22/10 v/s WBA.

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Why anilusername is a Liverpool FC fan?

because everybody knows they play the best football in the world

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Why tonysamboras is a Liverpool FC fan?

As a lifelong fan of football (soccer) I have opportunity to appreciate the game form the past to present. I have learned to love the game, fans and players from Kevin Keegan to Steven Gerrard....

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Why saintjohn is a Liverpool FC fan?

when I was a child, I watch steve Gerald match with England and I as which club is Gerald playing when I grow up and them said is Liverpool fc and I started supporting Liverpool fc from them since...

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Why kidcore is a Liverpool FC fan?

Because you'll never walk alone!

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Why rhage is a Liverpool FC fan?

I have been a LFC fan ever since my grandad started taking me to matches when i was the age of 6 .

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Why BigBaz64 is a Liverpool FC fan?

Simply the best !!!!!!!

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Why Papalol58 is a Liverpool FC fan?

I was born in Liverpool and lived there until I was 15. I then moved to London to do an apprenticeship, I had a season ticket up until I had a stroke 5 years ago, I also miss not going to games in...

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Why claritadean17 is a Liverpool FC fan?

My dad (Everton supporter) took me to my first derby at the age of two! with the idea of me being a blue... I came out of the match as a full blown RED!!!!

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Why Prieto77 is a Liverpool FC fan?

El Liverpool es un historico del Fùtbol Mundial y uno de los Grandes de Europa,como es posible no ser del Liverpool y disfrutar de la mejor Liga del mundo junto con la LFP de España.

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Why sanjeev is a Liverpool FC fan?

I was a big fan of micheal owen from there onwords i am a huge fan of liverpool

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Why Pojie is a Liverpool FC fan?

My blood is reds

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Why jacobatenygara is a Liverpool FC fan?

liverpool is my best favority team i love very much since when i was young am a fan liverpool and is the best team i trust in all england . to me if liverpool loss in a game i do'nt eat food for...

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Why RodneyYNWA is a Liverpool FC fan?

Back in the 1970's, I was exposed to black and white English football films being shown at the primary school I attended. I eventually started playing for a football club as a teenager (1980's) by...

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Why mesutosuarez is a Liverpool FC fan?

I am happy with liverpool

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