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liverpoolsite on 22-10-2010 at 16:20:50

In the following post we set out the rules for the correct use of the forums that users must comply with. The goal is to make it easier for everyone to use the site and make it work. The incompliance of the rules may entail measures such as closure of threads, bans, or even the deprivation of the user’s account:

- You may not open repeated topics. Before opening a topic, you must make sure this is not being mentioned in a thread already opened. Please search it and if it hasn’t been created yet you can open it. The duplicated posts, with the same subject, will be closed or removed.

- The line-ups, goals’ links, scores, or comments of a match, must be placed in the Official Match Post.

- The titles must correspond to the content of the post, they may not be indeterminate: “Shame”, “Help”, “One question”, “Reflection” are titles that don’t indicate what the matter is about and do not help to the forum’s order. We will not accept titles containing bad words.

- Do not write entire messages with capital letters. This may suggest annoyance and cause trouble. If you want to emphasize a particular sentence it is acceptable, as a resource. But the entire posts written in capital letters will be removed.

- The posts that contain insults or anything disrespectful to other users will be removed and if repeated, the user will be banned. Do not make any kind of “campaign” towards banned people in the web, the e-mail should be the communication channel for any comment about a ban.

- Racist or disrespectful topics or comments won’t be allowed. Messages containing SPAM, hurtful, offensive or illegal contents will be removed and, in certain cases, the user will be banned too.

- The avatars must be appropriate for the forum, the ones containing political, pornographic, insulting or racist, etc. images or content will be removed.

- Massive quotes are not allowed. Do not abuse of the “Quote” button and use the post editor to avoid quotes inside other quotes that overload the sites and make the reading difficult.

- Sometimes people access the site with the intention of teasing others. It is not possible to remove the messages automatically. They will be kept for a while, but in the end they will be removed and those who wrote them will be banned. In the end they’ll stop doing it because they will realise how useless it is to tease. Please just ignore them. Leave a message and the link in the “Messages to the Administration” forum so we can remove the topic and/or ban the user.

- There isn’t only the Red forum, you have to revise the rest of the forums too. Please be sure to post any topic in its appropriate forum, otherwise the topic will be moved or removed. For example, the presentations, the welcome posts, etc. have to be in the forum Everything about the Site and the supporters; the rumours and gossips about players have to go to the Transfers forum.

- The misappropriation of the identity of the administrator of the site or of the moderators, with the intention of cheating, laughing or any other intention will entail the ban of the user.

- The improper use of the button of Report can lead to a ban. This button must be used to warn about bad contents or content that does not follow the forum’s rules, nothing more than this.

- The Official Post of a match can be opened after having finished the same competition’s previous match (you will be able to open two posts if there are two clashes in the same competition in less than six days). It has to contain all the necessary information in its first post: teams, referee, place and hour. Other information, such as teams’ badges, are not necessary but are recommend. If the author of the Official Post hasn’t got the entire information when he opens it, he will have to update the first post with the latest information as soon as possible. If he doesn’t, he won’t be able to open more Official Post of the match.

- The reiterative posts, absurd, detrimental to the site, etc. can be removed and cause the ban to their creator, as well as those who contribute to the their proliferation. It will be under the administrator and moderators’ criteria.

- The users that go to other teams’ forums to tease can be banned.

- Erotic photos or videos or just content that is not related to the team is not allowed, not even the humorous ones. Uploading them can lead to ban, especially those that have been previously warned.

- The posts or threads that don’t comply with the preceding rules can be closed or removed. Following these considerations will benefit the forum and all its users.

Your coummunity,
in youy mobile phone
johnwilso86 on 25-10-2010 at 14:35:44

Well done people should relise that young children also use the site.

suehaime on 08-11-2010 at 11:21:46

Well done MODE TEAM! It's about time that those things mentioned are stopped! As John says there is a large number of users of this site who are young children! My suggestion is to stick to things which are positive that will help to uplift all our spirits! If you disagree with anything or anyone please be tactful! It doesn't help to curse anyone! Be responsible users of this site. Show others what it takes to be a fan of Liverpool Football Club! Love to all! YNWA!

tuhin123 on 07-12-2010 at 07:40:49

to run a site basic rules are needed....

CubOnfire on 03-02-2011 at 06:02:10

Thanks (:

FernandoYanmi on 13-02-2011 at 05:44:52


amal on 13-08-2011 at 14:01:08

Logical rules :) Well done

MessiLucho on 17-11-2011 at 18:37:50

Ok, I understeand

aletista449111 on 06-08-2012 at 23:34:01

Thank you!!


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